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Your massage session may consist of one or more of the following bodywork styles, depending on your needs and goals on any given day:

Swedish Massage

The ultimate in relaxation, Swedish massage traditionally employs long, flowing strokes over the entire body to increase circulation, boost the immune system, and bring you to a place of calm and serenity. It will ease the tension in your body while soothing your busy mind. Allow yourself to escape from the stress of your life for just one hour (no cell phone, no kids, no boss) in a place where you can mentally “check out” and let someone else take care of you for a change. Who doesn’t need that?

Deep Tissue Massage

This is a more focused type of massage used to address any problem areas you may be experiencing, whether it be a past or present injury; a repetitive motion strain; migraines; that nagging neck and back pain from sitting at your desk all day; or the stress, tension, and headaches that just sometimes accompany life. Deep tissue massage typically uses greater pressure, incorporating the use of elbows or forearms, trigger points, and other deep tissue techniques. When people think deep tissue massage, they often think painful, but this is not necessarily the case. Good communication with your therapist will ensure that it is never more than you can tolerate. The goal is to give an effective massage to help resolve the issues that brought you in, while at the same time leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed when you walk out the door.


Sports Massage

Sports massage is geared toward athletes and the particular stresses they place on their bodies. Your therapist will utilize a variety of techniques, depending on your situation, whether pre-event, post-event, or maintenance. The goal of sports massage is to concentrate on increasing range of motion and flexibility, preventing injury, relieving muscle soreness, and promoting a quick recovery from muscle overuse.



Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine that uses a combination of massage movements and negative pressure with the use of suction cups on the skin. A cup is positioned at the area to be treated, creating a vacuum within the cup to draw the skin and underlying tissue into the cup. The produced vacuum creates a suction effect that increases blood and lymphatic circulation systemically and to the local area, relaxes muscle and supporting tissue, and draws stagnation and toxins out of the body, reducing many pain-causing factors. Cupping has many benefits, including decreased pain and inflammation, increased blood and lymph flow, as well as feelings of relaxation and well-being.



All massages are offered in increments of 30, 60, or 90 minutes so you may choose which option best fits your lifestyle and bodywork needs.

30 minutes.....$50
When you need a quick fix or don't have the time or money for more.

60 minutes.....$75
Our most popular selection. Perfect for a full body relaxation massage or deep tissue massage focusing on one or two problem areas.

90 minutes.....$100
When you need that extra time to allow your mind and body to wind down or if you have more than two problem areas that need specific attention.

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